Global Teamwork

It’s 2016. The World is changing and facing challenges and problems of Globalization. It becomes more important to see the world in a bigger picture. Problems and Challenges are not limited to a certain country, region or continent. It looks like that everything is connected with each other. Every decision made by an individual  from his or her microcosm is occurring to have an impact to the macrocosm of the Universe. For example Global Warming, Climate Change, Wars&Conflicts, Oil prices or overpopulation everything has to be seen in a context.

1. Global Teamwork

Usually countries are lone wolves. During international conferences and summits every Country wants to force its own national interests. Maybe this is one of the main problems that have to disappear in international organizations like the UNO.

It is remarkable that companies depent on the teamwork of their employees, if they want fast and good results. They know that individual ’’superworkers’’ can achive extraordinary work in a special field, but the magic is to build superteams. Those superteams can achive greater success in multifarious fields in a much shorter time.

The key to a superteam is Trust.Working together and knowing each other are two different stories. Without knowledge about their teammates it is not possible to build trust and perform higher than average. This is why companies should invest in social activities outside work-time so their employees can learn about each other. Through meetings and socialization they can learn about the strenghts and weaknesses their teammates have in common. If they understand what breaks or pushes a teammember they can take care of each other and communicate better for problem solving. This leads automatically to better perfomances, higher goal achiving and productivity.

2. How can we put this idea into a bigger picture ?

Maybe it’s utopistic, but it is an idea that is underestimated and overlooked in our todays materialistic World. It would solve dozens of problems, if countries would try to develop trustworthy connections with each other. The key is to open borders, to understand cultures, to build bridges and to focus on projects that are only manageable by working together. Today many countries have a problem working together. They don’t want to   know eacht others culture unless it’s about business.

For example Europe is facing a massive wave of refugees. Countries like Germany are overburdened by the amount of refugees coming from Syria, North Africa and Afghanistan.

The Syrian-Conflict becomes an international issue. Its impacts are developing to a tornado for the whole world.

The conflict in the Ukraine is escalating from day to day. People have no security and losing faith in their politicians.

Right wings are becoming strong again in the whole world. People are worried about foreign infiltration and this is why european governments are facing the poison of Nationalism after World War II again. History repeats itself ?

The point is clear ! It is happening because countries are not working together. Governments have to take responsibility for other conflicts in the world that are becoming international crisis. If every country wants to solve its problems on their own it will be impossible to cope with the challenges of Globalization.

Globalizaiton is connecting people, countries, businesses, communication or transport services. Why are countries behaving against the spirit of our Globalization ? Why are they refusing the good sides of it ?

3. Our World is suffering… If..

Every problem of our beloved planet Earth could be solved, if countries work together, if people know each other better, if tolerance becomes normal, if people could stop beeing egoistic, if materialism wouldn’t be the meaning of life.. If if if.

Let us end with a quote worth spreading:

“Individual commitment to a group effort–that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.” –Vince Lombardi 😉

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