How to maintain Motivation

Feeling tired ? Confused ? No Motivation ? Well, I think everybody knows about those days when you don’t want to work anymore. Everybody have this one goal in life that takes a long period of time. But the motivation sinks from day to day.

There are some amazing Lifehacks you can use to maintain your Motivation.
1. Prepare your mind

One Lifehack to maintain motivation is preparing your mind. You can do this by praying, meditation or just taking a minute and visualisng the goal you want to achieve. Your mind is something you can control. The point is before you start a task focus on the endcome.

Think about the goal. Analize the problems. Plan your way to solve them. Understand the longterm run chase. Your disappointment will be lower, if you understand how to prepare your mind towards a longterm goal.

Believing in something higher than yourself and your goal will help you. You will have a source of limitless energy. You will be able to feel secure of what you are doing. You will know that your actions in life have an impact on society. This will help you to accept failure and move on.

Some hundred years ago people were far more religious than today. They belived in God. They belived in the hereafter. They belived that there is something above them. Something that is more important than their existence. They knew that their deeds have an impact that is universal.

Compared to the 21.century people are not so religious anymore. But the point is that nowdays we need religion and religious practices more than ever. Why ?

Studies of different universities like Harvard understood the importance of meditation. They found out that meditation is able to change your brain and your way of thinking in a positive way.

For example:

a) More Focused

b) Improvement of concentration

c) Positive mindset

d) Mental- Health improvement

e) More relaxed

Find your source of energy that has a higher meaning in life and start charging your Mental preparation.
2. Work harder not longer

Another mistake is that many people invest too much time at the beginning of a task. But after sometime they let it go for days, weeks or even months.

The problem is that they don’t give themself a time-limit of working hours and they don’t manage the working hours into their daily routine.

a) First of all decide how much time you want to invest daily or weekly to accomplish your goal.

b) The next step is to set a time limit. If you decide to work only one hour per day than try to maintain it and don’t overdo it by going aganist your time management. I repeat don’t overdo it !
3. Self- Believe

To belive in yourself when everyone is saying – stop it now or when everyone say you won’t make it – is a key habit of champions.

Beliving in something is like having a fountain of holy water in your garden. But how can you belive in yourself ?

Positive Self-Talk:

Take Muhammed Ali as an example. He always said that he is the greatest. He never gave up to think in a positive way about himself. Thinking positive about yourself starts with telling yourself: hey you are great you can do it ! If you think positive about yourself you will feel better in your own body. And feeling better about yourself means beliving in every goal YOU want to achieve !!

But be aware of beeing arrogant. Because beliving in your skills without working hard is different from beliving in yourself as something superior towards other people. Arrogant people often overestimate themself and forget about working hard. Its just not good for you. Don’t do it !

If you hear a voice within you say “you cannot paint,” then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced. —Vincent Van Gogh

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