Getting rid of bad habits 

Everyone has a personal story. Everyone had to fight against his demons. It’s just natural because we are all human beeings. Only  if we win the fight against our darkness during our darkest Hour’s in life we can control ourselves. 

Destruction of bad habits is not a easy task. It is a path we commit ourselves to walk through. Day after day. I am not pointing out on one specific bad habit. Because all bad habits are taking the control of our lifes away. That’s why everyone who wants to be in full control of his own life has to pay attention to his darkness and has to fight against it to get his control over himself back again  ! 

Maybe it sounds like a trailer of a Batman movie with Christian Bale. But in the end it is a beautiful story about finding peace in Self-control. 

You might want to know the how to instructions. 


Well, to simplify it we can sum it up to the following words of wisdom:

1. Commitment 

Why ? 

2. Game plan 

How ? 

3. Consistently 

How long ?  

4. Failing, Learning & Analysing 

Study methods  ? 

5. Start doing it  ! 

Theory vs. Practice 

6. Finding happiness & Enjoyment in the long-term 

Benefits in the future ? 
Ideas  ? 

Yes they are only some cool ideas & thoughts that you can read also in maybe 100000 other blogs, websites & books. 

To highlight my thoughts  I would like to share 3 more ideas with you. I hope they will make the change to all of the expensive stuff you buy and read for knowledge. 

1. Self-control 

Historically, we can say there were a lot of people throughout history who conquer themselves and rised up to the top of whole humanity. 

Think about scientist like Newton, Albert Einstein or Leonardo Da Vinci. One thing they had in common was that they had a lot of self discipline and they were masters of there time management skills. They worked and worked and worked. Work work work you saw them worked. 

What I want to say is that  they mastered their laziness. They were on such a control over themselves that they never gave up on their ideas and theories and  so they tried on fixing problems of humanity. 

World known political leaders like Winston Churchill, Mahatma Ghandi or Nelson Mandela were also known for their  Self-control. They slept less and put all their energy into the dreams they wanted to achieve. 

Chasing the dream maybe helped them to erase the darkness of their bad habits. 

2. Life after death 

The idea to become alive again after we die is so powerful. 

Take for example all of the people who believe in God and who are religious. Religious people who belive in life after death and who try to practice their religion have one thing in common. They try to make every decision in this life based on the idea of life after death. Many of them take this idea as a source of energy. Many of them become better versions of themselves because they tried  to do good to other people. Because in many religions it is said that a person will be put into heaven or hell for his deeds on earthly life. 

Religion is not something old or out of trend. In fact religion is so much needed in our 21.century like never before. 

The idea of Self-control is not my idea or the idea of any other person of today’s world. 

It is the main concept of religion to overcome one’s ego. 

All of the Holy prophets and holy people on earth were in full consciousness about their deeds and about their egos. 

Jesus, Buddha, Moses, Sokrates, Krishna, Confucius or other holy people (peace be upon them) had full control over themselves and they lived a conscious lifestyle. In Islam it is not different. The holy prophet Muhammad ( peace be upon him) also explained that concept as fighting against his own ego. He said that according to Islam the greatest  effort on the path of God is to fight against himself. It’s s the fight against every bad thought, behavior, habit and deed of oneself.  


Whenever one of us commits to himself that he or she wants to start a new journey of life, a new habit to destroy the bad one or a new lifestyle it is best to be not alone. 

People who believe in God know that they are never ever alone. 

Source of energy 

In the darkness we need light and the best method to make the earth and universe work for you is throughout prayers. Pray to God and ask him for help. Ask him to provide you with a kit of strength during your fight. Pray to him and open your  hearts to let his light shine into your heart. People who believe in God will always have a source of energy. It will be their source of power and light. A fountain full of fresh water. An armour against every evil during their walk through the dark side of the forest. 

Pray & feel the unlimited source of energy provided by God the Almighty. Provided by the Lord of the universe. Provided by the Owner of every sand corn on earth and every Galaxy in the Universe. 
I will write more about prayers and strength very soon…. it’s late and I am tired so I will get up pray to God and then I will go to sleep. 

I hope I could help someone with some good thoughts or ideas. Good Night  man  ☺️☺️☺️😇

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