Friday Realization

Last year I started my own Blog Lifetime-Entrepreneur with a lot of visions & plans.

But there is something which you cannot control. That is LIFE 😉
Although, I tried hard to go after my goals, hobbies and passions there was one thing that stopped me for over 4 years. You know what it was? It was a serious illness that stopped me to walk and that caused pain in my whole body. The poison of pain was going from my neck to my ankles. That’s the reason why I didn’t manage to write on my blog regularly. I had several attacks which put me sometimes for weeks in pain.

YES IT WAS MY HUSTLE! But I tried to keep moving on.

Just giving one example: Law-students from all over the world knows how hard it is to strive for a law-degree. In my case I refused to take a break or stop my study, I just tried harder and stayed on track. It took me 5 times more time to learn a certain topic than a healthy student. But giving up or stopping was no option!

One of my credos:

Everything is achievable, if your passions are burning from a fire inside your heart!!

After 4 years of pain thanks to God the Almighty I came back to life and feeling better than ever.

What I realized and why I am telling you this? Well, now I am healthy again and I have goals, dreams & visions to live my life again.
When you are ill there is only one wish in your heart and this is HEALTH! The only thing you want as much as to breath is to become healthy again.

People who are blessed with health are the opposite they don’t have this one wish they have 1.001 wishes and desires to feel happy. So, from now on I am just happy for every moment in life where I have no pain. Every day I will thank God, the most Merciful, for his gift of blessing me with health again.

Everyone who has 1.001 reasons to be depressed should just take one reason to be thankful for and find his moments of happiness. Every time you feel stressed, depressed, down or negative, please just take a moment and breathe deep and go inside yourself to think about the blessings you already have. This is the most important attitude one can achieve to find joy in life.
Positive inspiration, motivation, inner peace and a lot of love that’s what I want to share with you in the future.

May God bless you and may God bless me to inspire humanity!


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