Working despite of chronic pain :)

Oh my dear pain- I love you so much.

I am thinking how can I maintain my life & my work despite of the pain you are giving me from time to time my beloved pain?

Did someone of you ever had an injury? Chronical illness? Pain on your soul? Pain on your body? Pain from an accident? Pain from a broken heart?

Pain means suffering and suffering is just the opposite of pleasure. Especially when someone cannot maintain his lifestyle for some weeks, months, years or in the worst case of cases for his lifetime..

Lets have some chit-chat & mindful thoughts how to maintain our lifestyle or work despite of our amazing gift of pain:

1.Catch it

First of all you have to catch the ball. Imagine you are playing cricket or baseball and you have to catch the ball to through out your opponent. Once you have catched the ball you won the game my friend.

What am I trying to say? ACCEPTANCE !

Yeah. The first thing you have to do is to accept your illness, pain or injury. Otherwise your actions will be counterproductive to your health. Because if you just try to act like everything is normal on the days where you are less in pain than you will just misuse your body to have a more intense pain during your next attack.

Some years ago I had a ligament rupture in my ankle. Whenever I get healthy I tried to hunt my dreams, goals & visions in life. But everytime I did, I fall back in pain. Why? Because I acted like I am healthy enough to maintain the same work-ethic I was used to.

You cannot have the same work-ethic like someone who is healthy when you are handicapped!

You have to accept that fact!- breathe & think about it.

Only when you accept your illness you can adjust your lifestyle & your worklife to your illness. When you accept the thruth you catch the thruth of life. So catch the ball of acceptance.

2. Architecture

From the ancient world of history to Googles headquarters in Dublin-Ireland in the 21.century. Architects did an amazing job. I love to see the beauty of a greek-style temple or a modern skyline like Burj-Khalifa in Dubai. Everytime I just have to admire the power of visualization & planing from a sketch to a real touchable art of architecture.

Now concenctrate on yourself.  What is the only thing we as human beeings can control & build?

It is our mind. The mind is the only thing we can control, adjust or change. Everyone of us no matter how much he is suffering have the control over his mind. I know it is not easy when every part of your body feels immense pain to think of somethingelse than pain. But what are our options?

We can concentrate ourself to our suffering or we can build up our mind to somethingelse than pain and negativity. I know it will be like hell, but I believe it is worth it.

Everyone of us is an architect of his thoughts.

So after you accept your pain/illness you have to find out how to  become as strong as a healthy person. At least as strong as we can maintain our work.

We can build our thoughts with methods like:

  1. Meditation
  2. Self-Affirmations
  3. Gratitude for the good things in life. Even if it is the fact that you can breath clean air without pain.
  4. Looking forward to a better future.
  5. Input of positive thoughts by reading, listening to music, writing etc…

Of course there are many more methods. But I hope the message is clear. Build your mind to positivity like an architect and look forward to a better future.

3. Life-Changes

Now, after that we accept our weakness, changed our mind we have to change our lifes.

Part of acceptance is also that it is ok, if you are not able to work 50-60 hours a week. Or if you cannot get a long with 4-6 hours of sleep per night. It is ok if you cannot concentrate yourself for more than 20-60 minutes on a task due to your painful condition. IT IS OK! 😉

It is your destiny and your way of life. It doesn’t mean everything is over. It means that you are going to deal with your problems differently. It means that you have to change your life and your working-lifestyle, because your body has also changed.

Some examples:

a) You cannot concentrate on a task for more then 20-60 minutes?

Use the pomodoro technique. Work with full concentration for 15-30 minutes and than whatever happens take a break for 5-10 minutes. During your break you listen to music, play or just breath so that can recover and move on to the next 15-30 minute work session.

b) You are getting tired or your body hurts?

A normal body maybe needs 7-8 hours of sleep. But if your body needs 9-10 hours than accept it and make it a life change. Your bodies response with an illness is screaming to treat it better. Than just listen to your body and adjust a longer sleep-cycle.

Whatever it is you have to change your life with little changes in your daily-routine.

One day Oh my beloved pain I hope to conquer your forest of thorns 😉

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