4 Study-Tips & #BOOSTERS

1.The Jarvis-Method (Iron-Man)

The Free-World is in danger ! New enemies are threatening our beloved Planet Earth! New Problems need new Solutions. It’s time for a hero! Time for Iron-Man …..STOP!

Even Iron-Man has to do his study first 😉

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Did you ever recognized that in the movie or the cartoon of the superhero Iron-Man it is always about analyzing the problem and finding the right tech—-nique to win over the bad guys?

Well, there is one very interesting method that we can implement in our life. I just called it the JARVIS-METHOD. What is it exactly?

Lets start to find it out:

Iron-Man is always working with a computer system called Jarvis. He configured his system with an artificial-intelligence, so that he is able to communicate with his ”artificial-secretary”.

Now What?

Chill. Step by step my friend 😉

So what is the method I am talking about? Is it the system? the communication with Jarvis or the super cool artificial intelligence?

Actually, it is about what Iron-Man is doing with Jarvis when he has to figure out a way against his enemies. Now it comes:

He is converting & visualizing every information he has got into a BIGGER PICTURE! <

For example, if he wants to analyze a certain city he controls Jarvis with his hands to show him the location from several perspective. He is zooming, deleting, building or is capturing an overall-picture of the the whole area.

Never mind, in our earth we have no Jarvis-system, yet. But we can use that information to our benefit:

Practically, we can buy whiteboards, flip-charts, a big sketch book or a smartboard. Of course some of them are just too expensive for a student. Remember never give up:

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.
Arthur Ashe

To sum it up, it is almost too important to sketch & catch an overview of your topic when you are studying!

2. Pomodoro


The next tip is: Work 20-30 minutes and take a break of 5 minutes. Learning is not a sprint it’s a marathon!

In your five minutes break you can eat, drink, play with a ball, breath, meditate, use the WR., or just take a 5-10 minutes nap.

Trust me it is one of my top secrets in my law-studies.


My last but not least tip is to empower your mind to your study-goals.

You have to sit down, close your eyes and have to imagine what you want to achieve & how you want to achieve it.

Just imagine how you will prepare for your exam, how you go to write your exam & how you will achieve the marks you want!

Trust me on this one. It will change the game in the way you are running for your DREAMS.

Cristiano Ronaldo is using similar techniques – He wanted to become the best soccer player; many times in the year he is really the best 🙂


4.Spiritual Power

Welcome to my last, my most favorite & top secret method.

I have experienced that it is not possible for the mind to understand a topic or subject deeply enough without the permission of God Almighty.

My best secret that helped me throw my whole life was prayer! I always prayed before the exam, during the exam and after the exam.

The holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) himself prayed the following prayers:

‘O my Lord, increase me in knowledge.’

The Holy Quran: (20:115)


Happy-Ending of the Story

Hamburg Alster Inspiration

I am writing & enjoying a cup of White Mocha with almond milk near the Alster in Hamburg city in a Starbucks Shop:

Enjoy the tips. Enjoy it to make them your habits. Enjoy to learn again !!

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