Why My ? Adventure Travel-list 2018….?

Walking on Waters in Egypt… Jumping from Cliffs in Portugal… Riding with a Harley-Bike through the Alps in Switzerland … or running a race with turtles in Salalah-Oman.

All I want for this year is definetly a good portion of action, fun and self-growth by travelling this beautiful PLANET EARTH!!

Where I wanna go and why..??

Here is my bombastic travel-list for those awesome years 2018/2019:

Within the next 6 months:

  • 1. Abu Dhabi- UAE

My last trip to UAE is been a while. Together with my brother I travelled Dubai and it was amazing.

  • 2. Portugal- (Albufeira & Faro)

This is for 100% sure this year. I just have to feel the sun on my skin in Portugal and I have to relax in that golden beaches with sea cliffs.

Apart from that Portugal has also a lot of history. Especially the part with the Arabic-Moors sounds so interesting.

Portugal I am coming to see the country of one of the greatest explorer in history: Christoph Columbus.

Moreover, Portugal is also the home of Cristiano RONALDO (CR7). I just have to experience the Portugese mindset of achieving greatness.

  • 3. Switzerland

Switzerland is just too near from Germany. That is why I never think to visit it maybe. White Mountains of the Alps and blue lakes of Switzerland.. I AM ON MY WAY!!

  • 4. France – Straßburg

Well, it is not so far from Switzerland. Why not?

  • 5. Rotterdam- Netherlands

I think it’s one of the greatest sea-port cities within Europe 🙂

My Professor was talking about it, but I was only concentrated on the subject of course :-):):)

  • 6. Denmark- Copenhagen

Definitely a road trip. Yeah it will be a Road trip from Hamburg-City to Denmark this year. Sure. It is just 4 hours away man !

The next 7- 12 months (2018/12019):

  • 7. Salalah- Oman

Following the storytelling of Sindbad the sailor I believe it wil be a great adventure.

My last trip to Oman was limited to Muscat. It is in the northside of Oman and Salalah is in the southside. I must say it was one of the best trips in my life. The country is just the most beautiful I visited sofar. The nature is incredible. iT was a landview poetically painted by datepalms, hills with grey-brown-caramel shades, oases with paradisiac waterfalls.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Not to forget about the oriental architecture of the homes, historical castles & bazaars that reminds the adventurer of stories from THOUSAND AND ONE ARABIAN NIghts….

I heard that the area of Salalah is much, much more beautiful than the northside. I just have to check it our on my own ! 😉

  • 8. Miami- USA

Hmmm.. I really has to think about it thanks to DONALD TRUMP.. ?!

  • 9. Havana- Cuba

Yeah.. there is something about Havana I heard.

Revolution- CHe Guevara/ Beaches/ Climate/ Sun & Water/ Nature + Bananas/.

A mixture of Al Capone- Che Guevara.

Not to forget the Cuba-Crisis and Kennedy.

Back to the Sixties, I guess.

  • 10. London- UK

Usually, I am at least once a year in London but last year somehow I forgot about it. Coming back again. One thing is for sure: Sherlock Holmes Cases; British Tea-time; Multiculturalism; Indian food; Cricket; Premier League; History of the British Empire and the list can go on and on and on. Like a lifetime……………

Although, on my last visit I hated LONDON, because I got a Cold. It was in 2016. But now I am just missing the rocking streets of London with it’s Underground and travel-feeling like in a Harry Potter movie in Hogwarts.

London I miss you for a greater reason 😉

One Comment Add yours

  1. denisebaer says:

    Portugal is on my list of travels. London is one of my favorite cities. Hope you tackle all these travels. Best of luck.


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