3 German values for success

I. Law & Order

More than 20 years ago a little boy had his first day at the kindergarten.

The first thing he was introduced to by his kindergarten teacher was a clear system of Rules & Orders.

Do you know what’s more dangerous to a kid than rules? = Consequence of punishments.

Beating someone or insulting someone was wrong and everbody who disobeyed those rules was punished .. Laughter…

The main point is that German people have rules in every situation of public life.

You learn from day one to live by rules, laws and orders.

What are the results ?

  • Discipline

Discipline in every aspect of life. Especially disciplined work-ethic.

  • Sense of righteousness

Is it right ? Is it wrong ? – Even the bad guys develop a sense of consciousness for their right & wrong actions.

In Germany breaking the rules can be compared to commiting a sin and feeling guilty in your conscience mind.

  • Respecting fellow human beeings

The dignity of man is inviolable. To respect and protect it shall be the duty of all public authority.

Basic Constitutional Law of

(Article 1)


Yes after the WORLD WAR II Germany took full responsibilty for their future.

The dignity of man is ruled & it is one of the most important laws within the German Law-system. Respecting each other is a key to success when dealing with people.

II. #No sweet-without sweat#

Playing games is great right ? But not before the work is done !
There is one beautiful experience of our young pupil during elementary school.

Especially in the last 5 mins after the mathematic & english classes he played crossword-puzzle on the chalkboard, guessed vocabularies or listened to the jokes of his teachers.

It was a reward by their teachers. But they did it never before the work was finished.

They benefitted from this beautiful reward-experience by:

  • Falling in love with hard work
  • Enjoying the rewards after work more intensively
  • Satisfaction of beeing productive

Sweets just taste better when earned from hard work. 🙂


III. Sense of time

During his A-levels our young student was born to be wild!!!

Late as usual became a very bad label on his reputation. Late to class, late to private meetings, late to appointments.

But only when it was really important he never dare to came at least 5 mins before the appointed time. Why ?

Somewhere he knew, if he wants to be punctual, it is still possible for him. Since early childhood he was educated by german values to be punctual. In Germany there is a saying:

5 minutes before the time, is the German way of punctual time…!

In Germany we know that time- management is the magic behind every success story.

Our sense of time is very serious. We know that there is always a little time for anything.


Punctuality is a German-value that leads to success. Just like:

  • Finishing work at time
  • Having deadlines
  • Using TO-DO Lists
  • Planing your daily life
  • Work-Life balance

Setting time-limitations & taking your time serious is not a killer for your freedom of Life.

It is much more of a sure way to create more time for yourself. Only if you plan the things you have to do you can plan the things you want to do !

Even our young student understood this principle very well.

In University he experienced that it is much more work than in the past in high-school.

Moreover, he had to help his father in his business affairs. He had to take care of the education of his two younger siblings. Dealing with his own problems & challenges of life, coping with health issues, doing sports or engaging in some philanthropical projects.
Our young law-student invested weeks and months in not only making but also improving his timetables.

Because he learned from class 1 that a time table had to consist of a when and what principle which has to be visualized in some form.

So how did he managed his work-load ?

  1. Daily Routines
  2. Time Tables (Google-Calender)
  3. TO-Do List systems (Any Do-App)
  4. Waking up earl
  5. Understanding the value of every hour, minute and second

So TIME is not money but it’s LIFETIME…!!

Use it wisely in order to enjoy and create your LIFETIME !


Love Germany, love German-values.

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