3 Amazing Good Life Thoughts

I. Beeing healthy enough to work.

Earning your own money.

Marrying the women you always wanted to marry.

Starting your own business.

Moving to the place on earth where you always belong to.

Living in a country with beaches, turquoise ocean’s & a lovely sunshine the whole year.

Eating healthy and fresh food. Food without chemicals or manipulated genetic technology. Drinking Fresh Water from the mountains.

Enjoying sweet fruits like watermelons, coconuts, limes and bananas.

Living on the same street but not in the same house with your family and friends.


Praying everyday and feeling your inner peace.

Having such a strong connection with God so that you need nothing more than him.

Doing charity everyday. Becoming happy by helping God’s creation like humans, animals and the environment.


II. Loving your spouse and children.

Beeing the head of your own household. Beeing the family head of your whole family as the oldest son. Caring for your parents well-being. Beeing the best leader for your younger brothers and sisters.


Reading poetry of Goethe, Shakespeare and Rumi daily. Writing your own poetry.

Cooking like a Chef in one of Oliver Twists kitchen shows.

Having full control over your emotions and desires like a Jedi.

III. Doing sports and feeling like a playing 6 years old child.

Using technology to make the best movie of your lifetime with pictures and videos.

Getting knowledge and wisdom to improve the world and make it a better place.

Doing business for fun and not for the money.

Looking at hardships as challenges not as stress and problems.

Using law-systems for a peaceful living environment with other human beeings. Not as a burden of burocracy to the comman man.

Having doctors who care for their patients instead of treating them like customers. Having doctors who use natural medicine rather than pharmaceutical poison with 1000 side-effects.


Visiting a barbershop where you get what you want.

Wearing good quality textile clothes instead of paying for expensive and low quality clothes only for the brands name e.g Armani, Gucci or Prada….

Investing money to feed the poors instead of bombing the poors.

Having a free world without any nuclear weapons.

Travelling from country to country without any Visa- boundaries.

Loving the world, so it loves you back.

I think I am looking for paradise in a good life ….

The End

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  1. alifeasadreamer says:

    Love this post! 🙂


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