Face 5 Barbershop Secret Thoughts

Driven by my love for history I discovered some interesting facts about the Barbers profession.

The Barber Business started from the Bronze Age in 3500 Bc and is still in today’s 21. Century part of our society.

In today’s society good looks became more and more popular. Maybe it’s because of our excessive consumption of media.

TV shows, movies, Social media and the booming of the fashion industry. Everyone wants to look fresh and professional. But there is far more behind a barbershop for men than just good looks.

1. Socializing

When I go to my favorite barbers place I always meet at least one of my friends.

We drink tea and enjoy the discussions about bananas in Havana or Trumps button of atom Missiles aiming at Russia.

2. Character Building

I never thought about it but it is true. Somehow a barber plays his role in your way of life to feel good about yourself. He gives you the cut for your following weeks.

3. Melting Pot

Gangsters to Politicians.

Especially in very old Barbershops your childhood and your adult life begins there. Kids from one neighborhood grow up in one place.

The side product is the meeting of people who are as different as they can be. Usually there is no racism or anything like segregation here. Hipsters and lawyers or football players and business men all are the same here.

So it’s a perfect platform for tolerance!

4. Cleanliness

In Islam it is said that cleanliness is part of your faith. Some say it is half of your faith.

Caring for your body is very important in Islam. That is why a Muslim washes his body parts several times a day before he prays the five times daily prayers.

Cutting the hair from your body is part of cleanliness. Not only the hair on your head but on your whole body.


5. Welness

The Romans had their thermae. Turkish people have their Hamams. Today Turkish Hamams are not only for bathing but also used as Barbershops in some parts of the world.

Wellness and Barbers go hand in hand with their wood Oils, Rose Powders and head massages.

So stay clean and use your Barbershop as a relaxing spot!!

I wrote this when I waited in my favorite Barbershop. Now I am seeking for the chillness that is mentioned above. 😁

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