#Denmark Travel Experience 2018

Everything starts with a plan in your mind. 3 months ago I decided to travel the World. But first of all I wanted to start really slow.

My first stop was in Denmark. We drove from Hamburg City on a Road trip to Denmark – Sonderborg.

It only took 2 hours by car.

On the border we were checked by denish Military. Usually there is no checking within Europe. But due to the Refugee-Crisis the denish Government increased its security check points on the border.

After the investigation we were easily allowed to visit the country.

The military officials had to laugh when I told them I want to see the beauty of Denmark when they asked our reason of visit. 🙂

The moment we arrived in Denmark the change started. The roads were emptier. The scene was more like a countryside movie.

Green and golden fields of wheat and vegetables.

Sonderborg Beach

Our first stop was in Sonderborg.

We directly went to the beach. If you really want to reflect and think about your life it’s a perfect place to be.

Because the beach is mostly empty. The water is clear. The view on the sea is like it never ends.


Moreover, there is an old historical Fort with canons on the beach. You will enjoy every bit of it’s simplicity.

We also liked the Harbour on a different side of the beach.

If you are interested in collecting stones there are dozens of them.

Did I mentioned the fresh air? It’s amazing. Breath in breath it out. Forget about every stress you have.

Especially when you are living in a big city like Hamburg – a big city Life.

Downtown – Sonderborg

After the beach we went to the center of the city. Actually it already starts on the Harbour side of the town. So you just have to walk for 5 min from the beach.



The architecture is usual for a Harbour city with a fisherman area.

The houses are very coulerful and glowing when the sun shines on them.

Denmark Countryside

In the end we decided to drive around the country to enjoy the countryside. There are many little spots and cities around Sonderborg.

The view on the nature and the sea is nice.


Only visit Sonderborg for a Day – trip. The best is when you are staying for 2 or 3 weeks in Northern Germany. Otherwise it makes more sense that you visit Copenhagen. Because it’s a bigger city.

I can also recommend it to everyone who lives in Hamburg to go for a day trip.

It’s calm and quiet. Perfect to relax your mind from the big city life with it’s Fast and Furious Shades of Speed.





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  1. Becky Dingle says:

    What a lovely coincidence or as I say a God Wink. I spent two weeks in Copenhagen as part of a teacher exchange several years ago and I loved it. Your beautiful article brings back so many wonderful memories…I loved it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks :-). Enjoyment of Reading is all what I am aiming for.


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