Hardships & the Angel 2018


Light me up in the middle of the night sky!

To keep my head up when I drink my Chai!

Pain & Suffering there’s a big WHY?!

Hello Angel, can you enlight me?

Why are there so many hardships?


Dear Human you are moaning & groaning,

about every little trifle with your lips,

Superpowers awake  only in times of need,

Hardships are like Sowing a hard seed

to enjoy the fruit when it’s sweet,



I said LIGHT me up!

99 problems but my head is up,

Cause for ya it’s easy to express it so lightly,

You never suffered, but I did, nightly,

You sell me Superpowers as a hope,

But I wanna know how to cope,

How to deal with the pain?



Let me show you 3 noble powers:

First of all set high standards of PATIENCE,

Patience in arabic means Sabr,

Sabr is to accept & tolerate when suffering is the matter,

controlling yourself, striving & don’t complaining,

But beliving that it’s worth in the end,



Second, Pray like a Saint,

Pray like a waterfall is flooding out from your heart,

Like a flood of tears & emotions,

to feel & heal through devotion,


Thirdly, be steadfast like a mountain,

Stay strong & calm in the middle of the storm,

Keep going with prayers,

Believe that God always cares,

Trust him to stay optimistic,

Let the Light shine bright,

to remove the darkness on your side! 😎🕯️
















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