London 2019 & 4 travel mysteries

I. Leadenhall market & Bank

During all my trips to London I just never made it to Leadenhall market. This time I really wanted to go there because it looked so beautiful when I saw the movie Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone. Hagrid & Harry Potter were walking at Leadenhall Market to get to the Diagon Alley.

  • When I just stand in front of the main entrance its beautiful contrast of red & off white colours flashed my eyes. The architecture is a charming London oldschool style mixed up with elements of the 21. century with all of its mirrors on the rooftop!
  • Moreover, I discovered a Harry Potter Shop with some wands. I must say reading J.K. Rowlings Harry Potter books on Kindle & discovering London during the read is like making the whole story alive. A little bit magic I guess ? 🙂




II. Bankers who bribe?!

  • After Leadenhall Market I was starving so I was looking for some healthy lunch. Well, I was lucky to be already in the area of many restaurants near bank station. So I went to a Restaurant called Pure.

The food and location was amazing.

  • However, people on my left & right side talked about 50-100 million $/€/£ deals. They talked in english and in many other languages I have never heard before.


  • But far more interesting was that one talked about bribing a CEO and he also said how easy it will be. I won’t say who that CEO was ;-). He was saying this so loud like it was just business as usual and no one cared about it. Like all of them were doing their business on the same way. Well, what can you expect from todays unethical business practicess?!

All in all, it was a tasty and informative lunch break in one of the greatest financial Centers in Europe. 🙂




III. Gloucester Road



London is surely an inspiration for artists. Why? Look at the picture below.

  • It’s the Gloucester Tube-station and it’s full of artistic masterpieces! Citizens of London should be grateful to have so beatiful & inspiring tube-stations. No wonder that J.K.Rowling came up with the idea of Harry Potter during a delay at a train station. 😉




IV. Burning Streets of London

Another discovery was that people were sharing their newspapers in the tube.

  • One brought his newspaper and after he finished reading he handed it over to the person next to his seat. The newspaper went around until someone left it on his seat, because there was nobody left who wanted to read it.




Discovering an unusual phenomenon of homeless people in London I came to a surprising experience.

  • Some friends and I were trying to share our food from Pizza Hut with people on the streets. Most of the homeless people only took as much as they needed. When we offered them more they always denied it. This made me curious. I asked one of the oldest man from that group why is it that no one is greedy enough to take more than he needs? He answered me that they are broken by life but they have still some pride! Respect!


Maybe it is said that London is a lonely city but  I have experienced the opposite! People showed me some actions that looked like Londoners stick together no matter what kind of war they have to fight. 100 % Teamspirit ! 😉




The End of London stories part I.

Part II is on the way!!

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