3 Travel Mysteries-London 2019

I. Chinatown

  • Londons streets with Chinese culture

Remember those shots of NY-Chinatown in Rush Hour with Jacky Chan & Kevin Hart? Its definitely a showdown place for a Kung FU Drama. You can play Mahjong, enjoy crispy duck dishes with rice or try your luck with a fortune cookie.



Furthermore, fortune cookies have their own philosophy. According to a legendary tale it is said that resistent fighters used mooncakes instead of cookies to hide their messages for the resistant movement. They communicated with those hidden papers in mooncakes during the rulership of the Mongolians.

Chinatown has its own kind of red dragon beauty in the heart of London. Especially on a cloudy day this place will give you an amazing colourful change. Don’t forget to capture the red lamp like ballons. Its surely a great memory and many instagrammers use it too.




II. Comptoir Lebanese



Lebanese food is just one of many food varieties in London. Thanks to its colonnial past Britains capital is a beautiful mixed city with a lot of diversity.

I can highly recommend the Lebanese restaurant Comptoir Lebanese. It has an lebanese interiour touched by the british charm. The food is also good. You have to try their fresh juices.

When I went out from Gloucester tube station the restaurant was just in front of me. So I tried it out for breakfast and it was perfect.



III. London the city of storytelling & storytellers !!

Sometimes people in London seem like characters from Novels or Movies due to their individuality. It’s no wonder that so many great authors were from London or wrote stories that played in London.

Thats why I can recommend London for authors who want tot become the next J.K.RoWling, Shakesspeare or Arthur Conan Doyle. Explore London like you are reading a novel.


There are so many sights & tourist attractions that also came into action in Sherlock Holmes (Sir Arthur Conan Doyle), Harry Potter (J.K.Rowling) or Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens. Books & movies surely help for a better understanding of London.

I loved to experience Bakerstreet  from Sherlock Holmes. There is also a Sherlock Holmes Museum & I also discovered a sculpture of the fictional character Mr. Holmes.


The End of  London Travel-stories part II.

Join & Enjoy lifetimeentrepreneur !

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