5 Game changing Monday Motivation hacks for Exams 2019

   I. Choose a Motto from the beginning to the End

In my experience Self-Affirmations are a great psychological tool to control your mind towards a certain path you want to work on. One way to use affirmations is to having a motto.

Before a Semester starts or at least 1 month before my final exam preparations I think about a motto. I start with asking myself some questions to get the right words for the right project. For example:

  1. Which words describe my situation at the best?
  2. What words do I have to tell myself to work like a workaholic? 
  3. How to motivate myself when I am at my lowest point?
  4. What will be my beacon of light when life hits like the cruelst darkness?
  5. What will fuel my drive?



Trust me your motto will fuel you like you have drunken V-POWER for FERRARIS !!

Only to mention 4 of my mottos in the past:

  • Working on my Legacy !

Meaning: I have to work now to build a beautiful legacy in the future! The motto is connected with a longterm goal I want to achieve in my life.


  • I want to become WORLD-CLASS!

Meaning: Your brain just focus better on goal if you chase for mastery instead of getting a certain grade. Like many soccer players and Coaches like Guardiola or Mourinho you have to strive the best perfomance you can perform.

Chasing for mastery is like painting the best masterpiece of your legacy!


  • Pain is transitory, but  winning is for eternity!

Meaning: Pain is does not last forever but a victory will always be a part of your lifetime.


  • If I can’t do it, it can’t be done!!

Meaning: Ok this one is a little similar to 50 Cents track If I can’t do well, homy it can’t be done 😉


  II.  Take a day off 


Another great thing that helped me in the past was to take one day off per week. I managed to do it up to 3 weeks before exams regularly. But after that I just had to invest more time in my study-projects.



The benefits are very clear:

  • It will recharge your energy to work hard again
  • Clear your mind
  • Reduce stress
  • Reduce the feeling of overwhelmingness
  • Giving you some time to do things that you have to do e.g. business, paperwork, hobbies, family responsibilities etc.


III.  Make it through the forest




Working on business projects and study for exams is sometimes very similar. Why?

Well, first of all you have to work on a regular basis. Like 5 days or 6-7 days per week and maintaining it for months or sometimes even years.

That’s why there is a huge risk that you get lost in the forest.

But here are 2 tips to make it out of the forest and setting a new definition for the surviving of the fittest:


Self-discipline & Persistence

Every long-term goal requires a lot of self- discipline. You have to be very disciplined to work every day. Some people connect self-discipline with something negative or uncomfortable. But in reality self-discipline is the best friend you will have to progress step by step until you find your way out of the scary forest!

Just remember you have worked hours and hours. If your exam is on day 30 and you have already worked 25-27 days and it only needs 1-2 days more of work to complete your exam preparations why would you give up after all?

It’s like you are 100 metres away to escape from the forest, but you are tired, undernourished, weak or even crawling on a sprained ankle. To be clear when you know you only have to make it to through these very last 100 metres to survive are you really going to give up just before the end?!


You will get yourself together to escape in order to live again.



Studying is the same, if you know you have to study one day more after 28 days to complete your work on day 29 just to pass your exam on day 30, than you have to do it!  It’s called persistence!!



IV. Become a Picasso at your notes


Notes taking & working with a 400 pages textbook feels sometimes like memorizing a phone book. That is why it is so important to make studying + taking notes= pretty    again 😉

You can do it by taking your notes with a notebook. I can recommend 2 very good softwares to do it:

  1. OneNote
  2. Notability

For years I created my mindmaps, brainstormings & notes only with some colourful pencils. But now I experienced the advantages of working mainly with a notebook. Some of those advantages are:

  • Clean & well-ordered writing
  • Seeing all my work in front of my eyes by scrolling the pages up and down. This is a mercy for every author and student.
  • Visualizing everything in a smart way. Now I can copy and paste a lot and fill it with pictures and amazing designs.
  • I can be creative and use my creativity during studying law. Trust me sometimes law-textbooks are so grey and bitter and nothing to do with creativity.
  • Motivation to work daily.



V. List your Goals & the Consequences

Believe it or not our brain is a coin with two sides:

  1. On the one hand we need positive things like motivation, rewards and goals to developing a desire and will to work hard.
  2. On the other we also need to be reminded of the consequences. Fear can sometimes be used as a  fuel to motivate our inner lazy-self.

Before starting an important and long-term task make a list of why you want to do it and what will happen if you don’t.

Maybe some people will be stressed if they  think about the consequences but if write them down your mind will be clearer and your thoughts in a better order. It’s like having a library with fairy tales and crime thrillers in contrast.


What I love about the story of Bruce Wayne a young boy who lost his parents and is afraid of bats is that:

  • He learned to convert his fears into power
  • He used the pain of his loss of his parents for a common good for the society of the fictional city GOTHAM
  • He himself became his greates fear: From bats to BATMAN 😉
  • He understood the consequence of taking revenge against the killer of his parents will turn him into the same low-life as the killer.

So, thats why I recommend a list of consequences to understand your fears and all the negative things that will happen if you don’t work hard enough. It’s just a list to use your fears and convert it into motivation !



All in all, I wish every student and business- man/woman a lot of motivation and all the BEST!! 🙂

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The End!




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