King Mansa Musa richest African Entrepreneur & Philanthropist? Wakanda forever!

Who was the richest man on earth of all time in history??

Just like mentioned in the headline it is assumed that it was an African-Muslim King of Kings called Mansa Musa. It is assumed that he had a fortune of over 400 billion $ if we want to compare it with todays currencies and economic values.



Lets get into it to get to know what a great King Mansa Musa was 😉

Mansa Musa was an African Muslim who lived in Mali betweens the years c. 1280 and 1337. The exact dates of his death are lost in history and they are still debated by historians. It is said that he ruled Mali for about 25 years.

One of his greatest achievments was also that he conquered over 24 cities in his lifetime. You can compare him to conquerors like Napoleon, Alexander the Great, Julius Cesar or Genghis Khan.

I. Wakanda forever



The story of Mansa Musa reminds me of Black Panther who is a fictional hero in one of Marvels Comic books. Why?

Firstly, both of them were kings of an African Superpower country. Black Panther was the king of Wakanda & Musa was the ruler of Mali.

Another thing was that their countries had precious resources. Mali was rich in Gold and Wakanda had its fictional metal Vibranium. Maybe that is why Musa was also called Lord of the mines of Wangara.

Moreover, both of them had a good human nature and wanted to protect their countries with their own life. The luxurious resources made their countries into a target for other countries who wanted to conquer their countries. So that is why Mansa Musa had to built up a strong army to defend Mali from invaders just like Prince T’Challa in Black Panther.

Black Panther

Maybe the whole story of Black Panther was inspired by Mansa Musa? Who knows. 😉

II. Entrepreneur- He knew how to do business!

In todays world we should learn from Entrepreneurs of the past. Because Musa was not only a king who just fell into his big fortune and spend it like the decadent rulers of the Roman Empire. No he was the one who knew exactly how to increase their power, empire and wealth!!



1. Trading

First of all he used the Gold resources of his country and traded it with other nations. This increased Malis wealth and they got more powerful due to their valuable influence on the markets as a Gold supplying trader.





2. Innovation & education

Mansa Musa knew about the value of education to stabilize his nation.


Maybe that’s why he built the worlds largest University at that time in Timbuktu. You can still visit the University of Sankore in Timbuktu today.

The University was so giant that it had the capacity to offer housing for about 25.000 students! Furthermore, it possessed more than 1,000,000 manuscripts at that time. The collection of books was only comparable with the library of Alexandria.

3. Expansion

Musa was a visionary & pioneer. He conquered 24 cities during his time as King!


He surely layed down the grounds for a United Nation of Africa. I don’t know if this was his intention but African Countries can learn from history to at least think about a collaboration of Nations.

Who knows what the future holds for the world? Maybe African countries will become the next EU, USA or as strong as China & Russia.

However, Musa shifted local powers & concentrated it into his kingdom of Mali. So at least in his time he was the founder of a new Superpower!

The power helped him to have a strong influence in his region & on his trading partners from other countries.

More countries, more resources & more entrepreneurial potential.  He got all of this by his geographical influence & more human resources to provide a sustainable expansion of his empire.

III. Secret of his success

Just ask yourself one question, If God is with you who can be against you? Literally if God Almighty wants to raise you up in power & wealth tell me who can be against you? Who?!!

He was a real Philanthropist. For example he built a mosque every friday and donated and shared his wealth plus resources with his people.

Building a mosque is one of the best actions you can commit. Because people can benefit from a mosque in a spiritual way and they can find their innerpeace through remembering God Almighty. It shows that despite of his wealth he always tried to live a humble life to earn the blessings of God.


His real secret of success was surely that he strived his lifetime for the sake of God. Another evidence for his islamic lifestyle is that he was one of the most famous African- Muslims who travelled to Mecca  to commit the Pilgrimage which is called Hajj in arabic.

During his journey he shared so much Gold with the locals that it ended up with a market crash. Suddenly there was just too much Gold available in the market so it turned to an economic crisis.


IV. Final Thoughts

The story of King Mansa Musas life is a beautiful peace of African Culture and African history. Unfortunately European people stole all the resources of Africa so it is today the poorest continent on earth but once it was the richest! America & Europe should never think they will stay superior towards Africa. One day I believe Africa will rise like the trees of its rainforests and will shine bright like the golden sand dunes of the sahara with Gods Grace & Mercy!!


The End!

Thanks & Subscribe !!


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