How to be Hungry for success II

What is success?


There are people out there who maybe have some goals, dreams or visions for their life but so many times they have no idea what true success means for them. Those people just wake up every single morning and do there thing. It’s like the same day repeats itself over and over again.

What is the problem here? To bring it straight to the point:

It’s that they just never asked what is the meaning of success?!

What is the meaning of success for them in their life?

They try to hunt their goals, they try to fulfill their dreams but what is next?

Is success for you only to achieve some goals on your checklist so you can put a checkmark on it? Success is far more than a checkmark my friend! Here some definitions for success:


                                              Taste of success:   

  • Success can be giving always your best in every situation.
  • Success can be to have a peaceful mind & soul.
  • Success can be living a life without fear!
  • Success can be believing in yourself that no matter what obstacles the next has for you are ready to overcome them!
  • Success can be to take care of your needs, the needs of your family or the needs of other people in your environment!
  • Success can be becoming someone who is a lifetime learner. Someone who understands the importance of learning!
  • Success can be accepting to lose sometimes in life only to get up and try it again!
  • Success can be loving someone and being loved!
  • Success can be fighting for something you believe in!
  • Success can be never letting a disability or illness holding you back!

However you have to use your own brain to come with a definition for yourself! Now lets move on to the next step! How to be hungry for success?

1.Lose yourself in FLOW/THE ZONE!!

We all have those times where we suffer so much from success that we are too satisfied to come up with the next big thing!

That is why we should focus ourself to the skills in which we achieved enough excellency to feel good about the things we do. Sometimes it is necessary to bring yourself back to FLOW!!



Here are some tips how you get there so you refill your hunger for success!!

According to Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi a psychologist who identified and named the concept of what we call FLOW there are some components that can help us to get to the FLOW:

  1. Your skills should match to the difficulty of the challenge. Too difficult or too easy won’t bring you in the state of self-confidence to get to the FLOW.

  2. Tunnel Vision & Concentration: During the activity you should be completely absorbed by the task. It should be like being blind for all the unimportant things that are happening around you. You are only concentrating yourself on one thing for a certain amount of time.

  3. Immidiate feedback: There should be a system of a fast feedback so you can track on how well you are doing and how the process is going on.

  4. Lose yourself in Time and Space: Engage yourself with such a focus that you don’t recognise how fast time goes by.

  5. Love what you do!: Do something even when you are getting no rewards for it. Do it because you love to do it! Thats when you become a real champion!!



Kobe Bryant explains being in the Zone:

It’s hard to describe. You just feel so confident. You get your feet set and get a good look at the basket—it’s going in. Even the ones I missed I thought were going in.”

I never thought I would have a game like this, though. I made the first one, I said, ‘Let me see if I can make two.’ I made the second one, I said, ‘Let me see if I can make three.’ I made the third one, I said, ‘I’ve got a rhythm going.’


2. Choose your idols & kill them with success

The next thing to do is choosing some idols. By idols think of people you admire the most due to their success or their accomplishments.

But don’t make the mistake to choose your idols only because of the materialistic toys they own. If someone you admire has a Rolls Royce and you want a better Rolls Royce than him I can assure you that is not something that will refill your hunger for success in a long term. Actually it’s cheap thinking and will only refill your jealousy!


Choose your idols because you admire their art, their volunteering work for people who are in need or their character traits like kindness or honesty.

But once you have chosen your favorite ones try to become better then them! Kill your idols with success so that one day you can become their idol or a role model to someone else.

Role models, leaders, stars, idols no matter who inspires you choose the one and refill yourself with their lifestories of success!!


3. Be a Challenger

If you are suffering from success then challenge yourself as much as you can and as hard as you can!


New Challenge

Challenge yourself in new professional fields where you have no experience in. The benefit is that you can learn some new knowledge where you never thought that you will ever get in touch with it.

Challenge Buddy:

I think there is a friend for every situation in life. Sometimes you need a gym- buddy, sometimes a study- buddy and perhaps sometimes a business partner.

Thats why I suggest find yourself a Challenge-buddy. Maybe it should be a friend who is as tough as you are and is good enough to be your rival.

After you have chosen one start to take on some challenges every month or week to grow individually but together!

Challenge Examples:

  1. 30 days without meat challenge
  2. 7 days saying yes to every invitation and task
  3. Preparing yourself for a marathon



I hope that you find at least one inspirational point to refill your hunger for success!! Don’t miss to read How to be hungry for success Part I! Link below:

How to be hungry for success ?


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  1. Dr. Mills says:

    Amazing!!! Thanks a lot this helped me to improve my self-confidence again! Exactly what I needed today!

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