12 Things to do every summer

12 Things to do every summer

1. Refresh your soul & body

Things to do in summer
  • check out some Mangoes from Pakistan
  • Guave  is stylish, healthy & tasty (the pink ones)!
  • Passion fruit: Reload your passion in life with some passion-fruit!

2. Write your summertime stories

  • Wake up early to engage in some free-time activities before work-time
  • Plan your evenings to be excited all day long!!

3. Water Games

  • Swimming is chilling! but try out to swim in extraordinary place! For example Hotel rooftop swimming pools, beautiful seas or a hot spring resort!
  • Water – exercise ! Water-volleyball !
  • Rent a canoe & enjoy the paddling

4. Dope yourself with Vitamin D

  • Get as much sunlight as you can!
  • Sun means energy & energy means power for action!

5. Throw Parties for your party-animals

  • Be social: Invite some friends & enjoy a barbecue-feast
  • Organize a dinner en blanc.!!
    • All Black everything is great but in summer it is not really recommended due to sunlight. Thats why it’S a good reason to threw a picnic where all your friends come in a white dress!

6. Summer Games

  • Throw some Frisbees around
  • Play badminton
  • Tennis? Become the next Steffi Graaf!
  • Play some outdoor chess

7. Outdoor nomad – Working outdoor

  • Home office: Let your garden or terrace be the home office this summer!

8. Garden Lovers

  • Eat fresh:  Get some fresh garden vegetables & fruits. What is more organic food than your gardens crops?
  • Gardening: Make it a habit & a competition to built the garden of your dreams!
  • Rose: Enjoy the secret forbidden Rose of your garden

9. Nature Shots

  • Capture the beauty of nature in a painting

10. Born to be wild!

  • Hit the Clutch hit the gear hit the gas and leave for a road trip!!

11. Decorate your home into a summer house

  • Use Flowers from your garden as a decor
  • Change your towels, bed sheets and pillows with some fresh and light summer colors

12. Choose some traditional clothes from a hot country

Life is so short so why are you not wearing the styles of different colors? At least in your free time or on your vacations 🙂

  • Chinese
  • Traditional Japanese
  • Indian
  • South American Havanna look
  • Pablo Escobar
  • African

Hope you like at least one idea of this post!

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