3 Amazing things about Berlin

Berlin is a good shot to pick for an amazing bigcity life.

I. Start up heaven

Low-Cost living

Berlin is Germanies biggest city. More than 3.5 Million people are part of this historical place to be!

Why is it a heaven for start ups?

Well, let’s talk about the living costs. For example rental costs are lower than in other big cities of Germany. It is possible to get a one room apartment that starts at around 300€ per month. In other cities like Frankfurt or Munich you should take around 450-500 € for your rental costs into account.

Have a meal in Berlin

Thanks to the tough competition between restaurants it is very cheap to find a good place to eat. You can compare it by using the common price of a Doner Kebap. In Germany Doner Kebap is one of the most popular street foods and every city has it’s own special prices. I would say it’s like a Doner-Index instead of the wellknown international Big Mac Index. For example in Hamburg you will pay about 4,5€ – 5€ for a Doner but in Berlin it is normal to get one for 3,00€ – 3,50€. The cheapest Doner in Berlin that I found was for 2,50€. 😉

If you really want to enjoy streetfood in Berlin than go to Sonnenallee street or Oranienstreet. Suburbs like Neuköln, Kreuzberg or Tempelhof-Schöneberg.

II. Multiculturalism

Berlin is a city with a lot of diversity.I think this is the city in Germany which proves that Germany has changed a lot since the 40’ies. People from all nations are welcomed here. The city is the home of many artists, photgraphers and other sort of creative people thanks to Berlins open-minded flair. Especially boroughs like Neuköln and Kreuzberg are areas where mostly turkish or arabic people live. They brought a lot of value from their countries to Berlin. For example look at Berlins Restaurant-scene which offers foods from all over the world. Look at Berlins slang which is influenced by different languages.

Check out the way how people relax and how they spend their nightlife which has changed thanks to arab culture of going out for a coffee in the evening and having serious talks about life, business or religion with a cup of black tea or turkish mocca.

Moreover, look at all the streetart the city has to offer. Buildings, bridges and walls are full of artistic traces.

The moment you get out to the Warschauer street is so inspireing. You can gaze the different graffiti on the walls some with politcal messages and some with beautiful paintings. Thats why Berlin is always a good idea if you are looking for some beautiful instagram spots. The walls which are covered with graffiti are amazing backgrounds for your potraits!

III. Berlin & history

Before German people consider themself as one nation Berlin was part of the Empire of Preußen and there were a lot of kings from Preußen who played an important role of shaping the area of Germany into an united nation. It was King Wilhelm I who becam the first German emperor and who formed the new empire of Germany.

You can call Berlin as the brain of Germany. For centuries it is the place where politics meet history. Sadly it is also the city from where Adolf Hitler brought a lot of destruction and suffering on the world.

But Berlin is also the birthplace of hope. The hope for two different systems capitalism and communism. The City which was divided into to major blocs during the end of the 50’ies until 1989. The fall of the Berlin wall was one of histories great moments where freedom won over oppression. Where love won over hatred. Where dreams to live in a peacful coexistence of politicians like J.F.K & Chruschtschow came true!! Yes Berlin is Germanies brain but it is also the cities pumping heart of emotions & love!

Whenever I walk in the streets of Berlin it’s like history is talking to me. Berlin is the speaker of Germanies past, present & future!! I hope I can visit the city again in 2019!!

In Berlin we all feel like we are part of Berlin. To put it into J.F.Kennedy’s words:

Ich bin ein Berliner! (I am a Berliner)

John F. Kennedy

Love Berlin!!

Do you love the city as much as I do ? Share your experiences in a comment below!!

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