7 World Nightmares 2018

#IHaveAHardTimeAccepting : I. Cold War 2.0 II. Nuclear armament III. #Trump IV. #Racism in European countries V. #Religious #discrimination & #persecution VI. #Worldwide #Islam-Hate VII. #Populism in Western Countries We need an #internatiol #Peaceful #Revolution! 💯% 🤔👊🏿

3 Amazing Good Life Thoughts

I. Beeing healthy enough to work. Earning your own money. Marrying the women you always wanted to marry. Starting your own business. Moving to the place on earth where you always belong to. Living in a country with beaches, turquoise ocean’s & a lovely sunshine the whole year. Eating healthy and fresh food. Food without…

Face 5 Barbershop Secret Thoughts

Driven by my love for history I discovered some interesting facts about the Barbers profession. The Barber Business started from the Bronze Age in 3500 Bc and is still in today’s 21. Century part of our society. In today’s society good looks became more and more popular. Maybe it’s because of our excessive consumption of…

World War III

What is going on in the World… 1. Skrypal Case 2. End of Diplomatic Communication of the West with Russia 3. Closing of the American Consulate in Russia 4. Trump is selling Missiles + War Weapons to Middle Eastern Countries 5. Theresa May is trying to act tough. But really she is not Margaret Thatcher…….

Exam Day

Today I am going to write an exam in Law school. State liability law. 📚⚖️ I woke up this morning & prayed my Morning Prayers. For me praying is just the most important and most fulfilling task in the morning. 🍉💟 After some Water Intake I meditated. During my meditation session I repeated to myself…